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The First “Android Q Developer Preview” is Coming on March 13


Even though Android 9.0 Pie has yet to roll out to all Android powered smartphones (HTC, we are looking at you), Google is already working on the new Android Q operating system. In fact, Google has announced that the first beta preview of Android Q is going to be made available during the upcoming days and a brand-new leak which surfaced on Reddit shows that the new operating system will be available for beta testers starting March 13.

Android Q

Android Q is the new operating system from Google and there isn’t that much information about it available online. The first developer preview version of Android Q is scheduled to release on March 13 and all Android fans who are enlisted in Project Treble will be able to access it.

Although, we do have to warn readers who aren’t familiar with developer preview versions of Android that they can be rather buggy at times. However, this is the risk of running beta software.

Project Treble

Until last year, the only smartphones that could access Google’s developer preview versions of Android operating systems were Pixel and Nexus. However, Project Treble was released in 2018 and this software is making it possible for smartphones made by other manufacturers to be eligible for beta updates from Google.

Iliyan Malchev is the developer in charge of Project Treble and he recently announced that more smartphones will be able to download the developer preview of Android Q when compared to Android 9.0 Pie which was accessible only to the following companies: OnePlus, Essential, Nokia, Xiaomi, Vivo, Sony, Oppo and Essential.


The new and exciting Android Q update is going to be released on March 13 and that is when more information about the operating system such as the features and UI changes that it brings will be revealed. Make sure to come back to us because we will keep you updated with all the latest Android Q news.