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Pixel 3 Phone Call Audio Quality is Driving Android Fans Mad!


Pixel 3 holds the title of being Google’s flagship smartphone and this why we were surprised to see that Google’s Product forums are filled with complaints from users who are saying that the mic doesn’t work properly. The flagship smartphone has been having problems when it comes to phone calls since November and Google has yet to acknowledge this issue.

Pixel 3 Phone Call Issue

Considering the fact that Pixel 3 is a powerful smartphone that is directed by Google, the fact that smartphone offers an unpleasant phone call experience is not acceptable. Multiple Pixel 3 users from all over the world have complained about having to deal with mic issues which causes the audio quality on the receiver’s end to sound choppy and the voice to echo.

Pixel 3 users who have contacted Google’s technical support were presented with a long list of troubleshooting steps such as taking off the case, downloading the latest update, factory rest and unfortunately, neither of these troubleshooting steps didn’t take care of the issue.

Upcoming OTA Update

From the looks of it, Google has yet to notice the feedback it has been receiving. Although, the complaints are stacking up on the forums and therefore, Google’s community managers are eventually going to figure out that there is a big problem that they need to solve.

This leads us to believe that Google is going to fix the audio quality issue via an OTA (over the air) update, but on the downside of things, we can’t know when that happens since Google has yet to comment on this.

Quick Fixes

Some Pixel 3 users have reported that they managed to fix this problem by switching to a 3G connection instead of 4G and by turning on the safe mode. However, these quick fixes are not guaranteed to work on all Pixel 3 units.