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The Future of Gaming: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Gets a Makeover


Hold onto your seats, gamers! Microsoft is about to redefine your gaming experience with a revamped Xbox Series X, set to launch in 2024. Leaked documents from an FTC vs. Microsoft case have spilled the beans on this highly anticipated refresh, codenamed “Brooklin.”

No More Discs, More Space

Say goodbye to the disc drive and hello to a whopping 2TB of storage. That’s right, the new Xbox Series X will feature a sleek, cylindrical design and ditch the disc drive altogether. But that’s not all; it will also sport a USB-C front port with power delivery capabilities.

The Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

The new controller, codenamed “Sebille,” is nothing short of a game-changer. It’s not just a pretty face with a two-tone color scheme; it’s packed with features that will make your gameplay more immersive than ever. Imagine having an accelerometer for gyro support, Bluetooth 5.2, and a direct connection to the cloud. And let’s not forget the “precision haptic feedback” and “VCA haptics double as speakers” that will make every move you make feel incredibly real.

Connectivity and Efficiency Upgrades

The new Xbox Series X isn’t just about looks and gameplay; it’s also about performance. The console will feature Wi-Fi 6E support and a Bluetooth 5.2 radio. Plus, Microsoft is shrinking the existing die to 6nm for improved efficiency. Even the PSU power will be reduced by 15 percent, all while maintaining the same $499 launch price.

What’s Next for Xbox Series S?

Don’t think Microsoft has forgotten about the Xbox Series S. A refresh is also in the pipeline, featuring 1TB of storage, Wi-Fi 6E support, and Bluetooth 5.2. This new Series S will also come with the groundbreaking “Sebille” controller. You can also buy Xbox Game Pass for unlimited features.

Customization and Future Goals

Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab program was also mentioned in the leaked documents. Although not yet fully funded, it’s a part of the company’s long-term goals. A new Elite controller is also being discussed, which would presumably include the same updates as the main controller refresh.

So, are you ready to step into the future of gaming? Mark your calendars for next September and November, when the new Xbox Series S and Series X are expected to launch.