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The Pegasus Expedition Releases the New ‘Scattered Empires’ Update

Credit: Steam

For those unaware, the Pegasus Expedition is an epic story-driven sci-fi grand strategy game that takes you on a journey through a pivotal moment in humanity’s history. With Earth facing an imminent catastrophe, the fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of brave explorers who are sent on a perilous journey to the Pegasus Galaxy in search of a new home.

The game immerses players in a rich and complex world where they must make strategic decisions, manage resources and build alliances to ensure the survival of humanity. The game features a compelling narrative, challenging gameplay, and stunning visuals that bring the Pegasus Galaxy to life. It’s a game that will test your strategic thinking skills and keep you on the edge of your seat as you fight for humanity’s survival in a hostile and unknown galaxy.

‘Scattered Empires’ is available NOW for The Pegasus Expedition

The Pegasus Expedition, the critically acclaimed sci-fi grand strategy game, has just released a major update that is sure to take your gaming experience to the next level. The update, named “Scattered Empires,” is now available for all players and brings a wealth of new content to the main game.

Feel free to watch the presentation trailer to learn more about the update:

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