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Mortal Shell Becomes Available for FREE

Credit: Steam

Mortal Shell is a role-playing game (RPG) that was released in 2021. It is set in a shattered world and challenges players to test their mental and physical endurance as they face off against formidable enemies.

The game requires players to be highly attuned to their surroundings, as well as precise and quick-thinking, in order to survive. As players progress through the game, they can possess lost warriors, explore hidden sanctuaries, and engage in intense battles with formidable opponents. Overall, Mortal Shell is a deep and immersive action RPG that will test players’ skills and resilience as they navigate a perilous and unforgiving world.

Mortal Shell is free on Epic Games Store

You can now download and install Mortal Shell for free from the Epic Games Store, according to Game Freaks. But you must hurry up if you want to benefit from the offer, as it ends tomorrow, December 29!

The Epic Games Store is an online video game store that was launched about five years ago, in 2018. It offers a variety of games, both free and paid, for PC and Mac. One of the unique features of the Epic Games Store is its regular offerings of free games, which can be downloaded and kept forever.

The store also has a number of exclusive titles that are only available on its platform. Additionally, many of the games on the Epic Games Store support cross-play, allowing players on different platforms to play together online.

Cold Symmetry, the company responsible for creating Mortal Shell, is a video game development studio based in London, United Kingdom. The studio was founded in 2016 by a group of experienced game developers who are passionate about creating high-quality, immersive games.

Mortal Shell is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, and Amazon Luna.