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The Success of Final Fantasy 16 in an Evolving Gaming Landscape

Final Fantasy 16

In an era where the gaming world is brimming with high expectations, Square Enix’s latest release, Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), has struck a chord with the PlayStation 5 (PS5) community, despite debates concerning its sales figures.

FF16: Defying Critics with Strong Sales

Square Enix confidently addressed concerns regarding the commercial performance of FF16, asserting the game’s sales as “extremely strong”. With three million copies finding new homes during its launch week, FF16’s sales seem impressive, yet have sparked deliberations among the gaming community.

Final Fantasy GameUnits Sold at LaunchLaunch Platform
FF163 millionPS5
FF7 Remake3.5 millionPS4
FF155 millionPS4 & Xbox One

The comparison of sales between FF16 and its predecessors seems inevitable. However, the stark difference in the PlayStation console install base during these releases must be taken into account.

Exploring the Role of Install Base in Game Sales

Square Enix acknowledged this significant factor when defending FF16’s sales, highlighting the contrasting scenarios between the PS4 and PS5 install bases. As of March 31, 2023, 38 million PS5 consoles have been shipped globally, contrasting with a larger PS4 install base at the time of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release.

Despite this, FF16 still managed to surpass three million sales within days of its June 22, 2023, release. This is a testament to FF16’s appeal, proving its considerable attach rate to the PS5 install base, outdoing the acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s performance given the relative console populations.

Reinforcing Success Amid Slower Sales

While some observers perceive a sales decline post-launch, insiders familiar with FF16’s performance assert it’s far from a disaster. Hints of possible future development investment from producer Naoki Yoshida further strengthens the notion that FF16’s journey is far from over.

A New Age Final Fantasy Game

Breaking away from the traditional role-playing mold, FF16 has chosen a grittier, action-packed pathway, drawing inspiration from the likes of Game of Thrones. Despite this significant departure, FF16 has managed to uphold the franchise’s reputation for superb storytelling, character development, and world-building.

A Different Market, A Different Experience

Louise Wooldridge, a research manager at Ampere Analysis, attributes the perceived lower sales to the disparity in market conditions between FF16 and its predecessor, FF7R, and FF15. Final Fantasy 16 is exclusively available on the PS5 and was released earlier in the PS5 lifecycle compared to when FF7R was released in the PS4 lifecycle.

PS5 GameGlobal Monthly Active Users
FIFA 23Top
Call of DutyHigh
Final Fantasy 166th Place

According to data from Ampere Games – Analytics, FF16 emerged as the sixth biggest title by monthly active users globally on PS5 in June, with 13% of PS5 players choosing it. By the end of the month, FF16 had dropped to fourth place, still holding a lead over popular live service titles such as Diablo 4, NBA 2K 23, and GTA 5.

Square Enix remains optimistic, continuously working on initiatives to attract more players to FF16, as fans eagerly anticipate what direction the inevitable Final Fantasy 17 will take. As Square Enix gears up for the winter launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Part 2, officially called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, fans can look forward to another immersive experience from this legendary gaming franchise.