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Top 5 Xender Features for Android and iOS


People need to pick between two sides when it comes to buying a new smartphone, iOS or Android. Both operating system feature a premium user experience and their own exclusive features. However, smartphone fans need to know that once they pick a side, they need to stick with it. The reason why we are saying that is because Google and Apple don’t allow their operating systems to interact with each other and therefore, users don’t have an official way to share files between iOS and Android.

Fortunately, this is where third-party apps come in and save the day. There are hundreds of apps which have been developed for the sole purpose of making it possible for iOS and Android users to share files. However, Xender is the app that outshines them all! Xender is a powerful app that excels at sharing data between all types of operating systems and today we are going to present all its best features.

Best Xender Features:

  • Speed Matters

First things first, we are going to talk about Xender’s speed. Considering the fact that Xender is an app which excels at sharing data formats between multiple smartphones, its speed is really important. Who would want to wait up to five minutes for a music video to be shared? Well, no one and the developers of Xender know that too well. This is why they have equipped the app with the fastest file sharing system in the world which reaches up to 20 MB/s.

If this doesn’t sound too fast for you, then you should know that 20 MB/s is 200 times faster than the speed that the traditional Bluetooth has to offer. Not only that, but Xender can also get even faster when its connected to high-speed internet networks such as fiber optics Wi-Fi for example.

  • Say Goodbye to Cables

Everyone who decides to give Xender a try and install it on their smartphones can say goodbye to cables. People who use Xender are not required to connect their smartphones via USB cable or a Lighting cable and all the files sharing is done over a Wi-Fi hotspot instead.

  • Supported Operating Systems

Even though people don’t usually care about how many operating systems their favorite apps support, this is quite an important feature when it comes to file sharing apps. Having an app that can be installed on multiple operating systems means that the app’s user will get to share data with whomever they want. Here are the operating systems that Xender supports: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC Window, Mac.

  • Limitless File Size

Did you ever try to send a high resolution picture through third-party apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and couldn’t do it? Most apps which support file sharing features can’t share files of big sizes and people have to rely on other methods such as using a USB or uploading the files to the Cloud. Fortunately, this is not an issue for anyone who chooses to try Xender.

One of the best features that Xender has to offer is its ability to support files of massive sizes. This makes it possible for Xender users to share all types of files, even fully installed apps that might weigh in at 500MB or more.

  • Xender Doesn’t Have Any File Restrictions

We saved the best for last. The feature that makes Xender special when compared to its competition is the fact that Xender’s developers are not enforcing any file restrictions. Yes, you read that right. Xender users can share all types of file formats that they want and as previously mentioned, of any sizes as well.