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Top 7 iPad Pro 2018 Features – Get the Best iOS User Experience


Even though Apple fans had to wait a couple of years for this to happen, iPad Pro 2018 is finally available for purchase. Fans have been asking Apple to refresh the iPad Pro lineup for a long time now and while Apple took its time to do this, it’s always better late than never. Not just that, but Apple used all that free time to develop special features for iPad Pro 2018 so that the powerful tablet can offer a premium iOS experience that not any other device can.

Top 7 iPad Pro 2018 Features

Everyone who purchased one of Apple’s latest iPad Pro 2018 has noticed that the tablet comes with a bunch of unique features that can’t be found on other devices. This gives iPad Pro 2018 a big edge over its competition and today we are going to present the top 7 features that iPad Pro 2018 has to offer so that Apple fans know what they are getting.

#1 Tap to Wake

The first feature we want to talk about is Tap to Wake. The first time that Apple introduced this feature was back in 2017 when it launched the famous iPhone X and fortunately, Apple has decided to extend this feature to tablets as well. iPad Pro 2018 owners can simply tap the device’s display anywhere they want and the display will turn on showing important information such as notifications and battery percentage.

#2 Lighter and Smaller

One of the coolest things about the new iPad Pro 2018 is the fact that its ships with a brand-new design. Apple took this opportunity to create a smaller body for iPad Pro 2018 while keeping the same screen, thus being able to make iPad Pro 2018 significantly lighter than its predecessors without compromising the display.

#3 Liquid Retina Display

We think it’s safe to say that the Liquid Retina display is one of the key selling features of iPad Pro 2018. Liquid Retina Display is a special technology developed by Apple for its devices which lets the Cupertino based tech giant equip iPad Pro 2018 with smoother corners and reduce the size of the bezel at the same time.

#4 Face ID

Apple revolutionized the smartphone industry last year when it revealed iPhone X. What made iPhone X stand out so much from its competition is the fact that it uses Face ID unlocking technology and it doesn’t rely on fingerprint scanners anymore. The Face ID feature is now available on iPad Pro 2018 as well and it gives users the ability to unlock their beloved tablets just by simply looking at them for one second.

#5 Added USB-C Support

Apple is always talking about innovation and staying one step of the competition, but truth be told, Apple has not been too innovative for a long time. Fortunately, Apple is determined to change that with iPad Pro 2018 and this is why it equipped the tablet with support for USB-C connections. This makes it significantly faster and easier for people to connect third-party devices such as peripherals.

#6 Added 4K Monitor Support

Even though iPad Pro 2018 is just a tablet, the device is so powerful that some people use it for heavy duty tasks such as gaming and work. Therefore, Apple fans should be happy to know that the new tablet can now connect to 4K monitors via the USB-C output.

#7 New A12X Bionic Process

We mentioned a couple times that iPad Pro 2018 is a really powerful device and this all comes as a courtesy of the tablet’s new A12 Bionic processor. This processor uses 7-nanometer technology and it scored 16,809 points on the GeekBench multi-core test.