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Top Three TubeMate Alternatives to Download Online Videos


TubeMate is a powerful app that is renowned for being able to download online videos from a multitude of websites. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that TubeMate is the only app that can download online content in order to make it possible for users to enjoy it while offline. There are other alternatives and today we are going to present the top three ones. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Top Three TubeMate Alternatives

#1 Freemake

We are going to kick things off with Freemake. This app is obviously an online video downloader and it can be used as a TubeMate alternative. The feature that makes Freemake stand from its competitors is the fact that it can download online videos from basically any website that lets users copy the link URL.

Therefore, the only thing that Freemake users need to do in order to download online videos with Freemake is to simply copy the URL of their favorite content and then paste it in the app’s UI (user interface).

One of the best things about Freemake is the app’s ability to download full playlists! This makes Freemake a great app to have around for people who enjoy binge watching long TV shows or simply filling up their smartphone’s internal storage space with music.

#2 AllmyTube

Just like TubeMate, AllmyTube excels at taking down online videos in a matter of seconds. However, there is something that sets AllmyTube apart from TubeMate and this is the fact that AllmyTube supports more than 1,000 websites where users can download online videos from.

Considering that AllmyTube supports so many websites, we think it’s safe to say that AllmyTube will provide users with an endless source of entertaining content that they can watch while offline.

A cool feature that AllmyTube offers is a built-in video player. This means that AllmyTube users will be able to watch all their favorite online content on their smartphones without ever having to worry about needing to download a third-party video player. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, AllmyTube also gives users the ability to transfer videos between PCs and smartphones without needing a USB cable.

The last thing that we want to cover when it comes to AllmyTube is the app’s premium UI (user interface). The UI has been optimized to the point that all the most important options such as the one to download online videos can be accessed right from the main page. In addition, the UI is highly intuitive which makes it easy for users to find the options that they need.

#3 Free Studio

Last but not least, we want to introduce Free Studio as an alternative to downloading online videos with TubeMate. This app is equipped with a plethora of options that make the video downloading experience simple and smooth. However, the feature that stands out the most is Free Studio’s built-in converter. This app can convert any type of videos according to the device, such as an Android powered smartphone for example.

Even though Free Studio’s most powerful feature is its ability to download online videos, this is not all that this app does. Free Studio can also be used in order to capture the smartphone’s screen and this feature will prove to be quite useful because it allows users to capture their video conferences on Skype as an example.


These have been our top three alternatives to TubeMate. We are not saying that these three apps are better than TubeMate, just that they are powerful in their own right and that they can be used in order to replace TubeMate in any given day.