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Twitter 9.56.0-release.1 APK Becomes Available

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APKs (Android Package Kits) represent the ideal way to install updates for so many folks out there! Those using the Twitter app for Android phones should now know that the 9.56.0-release.1 APK is up for grabs via APKMirror.

Twitter 9.56.0-release.1 APK is available now in a single bundle APK file of 22 splits. Even so, it may be all that users need! The download option was built on a universal architecture, and your device needs to run on at least Android 5 in order to be compatible.

No change log exposed

There’s no change log exposed, which automatically should mean that the new update only grants a series of basic improvements and maybe some bug fixes for the Twitter app.

Here’s how the Google Play Store describes the Twitter app:

“Expand your social network and stay updated on what’s trending now. Retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of what’s happening, whether it’s social media news or news from around the world.

Twitter is your ✨ go-to social media app ✨ and the new media source for what’s going on around the globe, straight from the accounts of the influential people who affect your world day-to-day.”

You can use Twitter not only for following your favorite athletes, sportsmen, celebrities, companies, and so on. You can also help them out by sharing their tweets (aka posts).

Twitter brings the world to your feet! You can see what’s going on in different parts of the world and even let them all know about what you’re up to and your own exciting content! You can even use the platform to promote your YouTube channel, for instance, if you have any! There are a lot of possibilities!

Twitter remains the platform where 330 million monthly active users follow their favorite content.