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Twitter Bug Scares Everyone – CEO Jack Dorsey Fixes the Issue Himself


Reports are showing that Twitter for iOS went haywire for a couple of hours earlier today. The popular social media platform started sending strange notifications to users and this scared people because it made them believe that their accounts have been hacked.

Luckily, this was not the case. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t waste any time and he let everyone know that the notification issue is caused by a bug.

Twitter Bug Scares Everyone

As you can probably tell, no one wants their Twitter account to be hacked. Just imagine how scary it would be to know that someone can access your DMs and see who you are talking to. Fortunately, is not what happened today with Twitter even though the app started sending strange notifications to users made from random letters and numbers.

CEO Jack Dorsey Responds

Minutes after people started complaining about the bug, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to everyone by saying that he and his team are “on it”. A couple of hours later the CEO and his team fixed the issue through a quick and fast OTA (over the air) bug fix.

It’s impressive to see how fast the CEO responded to this issue and calmed everyone by letting them know that their accounts are not being hacked. Not just that, but Jack Dorsey even made it clear what was the issue that was causing Twitter iOS notifications to go haywire by making the following statement:

“We send an invisible background notification to the app with badge counts (mainly unread notifications, DMS, etc.). The issue caused these notifications to become visible for a short period of time. We don’t know exactly why, but quickly reverted” said the CEO in a recent Tweet.


Even though some Twitter users might have gotten scared that their accounts were hacked, they can now rest easily knowing that Jack Dorsey and his team are always ready to take on a challenge.