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UC Browser Tiny APK is Now Available with New bug Fixes


The best thing about smartphones is not the apps that they let people use, but the fact that they make it possible for people to access the internet whenever they want. This means that it’s basically impossible for someone who owns a smartphone and has an internet connection to not find out something that interests them such as funny online videos or a guide on how to fix a PC for example. Therefore, using a high-end mobile browser is always a wise decision.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are everyone’s first choice when it comes to mobile browsers. Competing against these two is tough, but there is a mobile browser that is surpassing them. The browser that we are talking about is called UC Browser Tiny.

Introducing UC Browser Tiny

For those who are unfamiliar with UC Browser Tiny, this is a browser that has been specially designed for lower-end and mid-range smartphones. Therefore, UC Browser Tiny doesn’t require too many resources such as RAM or CPU power in order to work. However, the greatest thing about UC Browser Tiny is the constant stream of updates that it receives.

UC Browser Tiny is always going to offer a premium user experience and the developers who are in charge of it are making sure of this by launching new APK updates every other week. In fact, a brand-new APK has been recently released.


The latest UC Browser Tiny APK update sports the build number and it can be downloaded right now. The new update introduces a handful of bug fixes that improve the overall performance of UC Browser Tiny.

Not just that, but it also adds a new feature that will require users to give it permission to access the Bluetooth and all UC Browser Tiny fans can read more on this feature in the update’s patch notes.