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UFC 5 – Here’s Everything We Know About It

Credit: EA

Get ready, because Electronic Arts is hard at work on the fifth installment of the UFC video game series. The upcoming episode of the UFC franchise is shrouded in mystery, and very little is known about it. In spite of this, we’ve now learnt that EA Vancouver has ceased production on Fight Night in order to focus on creating UFC 5.

Tom Henderson has been the source of the majority of the information that we have obtained regarding UFC 5. As a result, most of the information on this forthcoming MMA Simulator has been conjectural up to this point. For instance, credible reports from within the company claim that the grappling mechanics are now undergoing development. It has also been said that new game types are being developed specifically for the experience offered by the multiplayer mode. Electronic Arts has not confirmed any of this information, which is a disappointing development.

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According to Tom Henderson, internal reports produced by EA Canada confirmed that UFC 5 is currently under development. In this internal report, it was said that the production of Fight Night had been halted, and several key members of the EA Canada Leadership Team had been dispatched to Vancouver in order to assist with the migration of UFC 5.

Allegations made by Tom Henderson did not stop there; a notable leaker said that UFC 5 will be released by the third quarter of 2023. This launch date is theoretical and should be taken with a grain of salt because it has not been confirmed by Electronic Arts, which means that his comments have not been confirmed.

It has been difficult to obtain specific information about the internal development of UFC 5. Despite this, we have information regarding a number of different combatants and places that are going to be featured in the next game. For example, UFC Las Vegas and UFC Fight Island will be incorporated into the 5th installment of this franchise when it is developed. This mixed martial arts (MMA) simulator will also feature a variety of well-known combatants, like Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, amongst others.