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StarCraft 3 Speculations: Blizzard Is Providing Us With Some Clues

Source: starcraft.com

A lot of players are curious about whether or not StarCraft 2 will have a sequel. Over the course of its existence, Blizzard Entertainment has never mentioned the possibility of a StarCraft 3 sequel. However, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra is acting extremely strangely on social media, and it appears that he is making a reference to the much anticipated third installment of StarCraft.

There have been a great number of speculations regarding StarCraft 3 in the past few months. The activities that Blizzard President Mike Ybarra has been engaging in on Twitter are the source of these rumors. Naturally, fans immediately come up with the craziest speculations, and they place a great deal of importance on every piece of news that comes from Blizzard. But do we really have any reason to believe the speculations?

The first time Ybarra made a passing reference to StarCraft was in the month of January.

Then, after a period of four months, in April, take a look at what he tweeted… A picture of an old StarCraft t-shirt from my collection. Even more unusual is the fact that he did not add a caption:

When Should We Look Forward to Blizzard’s Next Update?

The in-person BlizzCon, which was canceled in recent years owing to the pandemic, is scheduled to make its comeback in 2023, according to the announcement made by Mike Ybarra of Blizzard Entertainment. The BlizzCon was known for being the place when significant announcements were made. We can only keep our fingers crossed that we will soon hear something official regarding the StarCraft 2 sequel, even though nothing has been put in stone as of yet.

Activision Blizzard is currently working on a multitude of significant projects, some of which include Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, Diablo 4, or Overwatch 2, all of which are scheduled for release in October 2022. Because they are working on so many different things at once, it is quite doubtful that a new StarCraft game will be released anytime soon.