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Users Report New Pixel 6 Bug

Credit: Google

Now the Pixel 6 is experiencing another issue, with calls being dropped. Since its release in October of 2021, Google’s Pixel phones have encountered a number of troubles. The vibration intensity of the Pixel 6 phones was lately missing, but this may be remedied in a few ways. In addition, the phone experienced problems with wi-fi and would switch itself off when users tried to take pictures with it.

Not being able to answer the phone is more than simply an inconvenience. If a user misses a crucial call as a result, it might be problematic. For instance, a member of the family may be in distress or a spouse may be phoning to arrange the pick-up of a kid from school. Neither of these phone calls is anything anybody wants to miss. Since the major purpose of a phone is to allow its owner’s contacts to contact one another, this is a significant issue to address. In light of the fact that more and more individuals are just using their mobile phones and no longer have landlines.

Many additional Google Pixel 6 customers have reported the same issue, which was discovered by Reddit user u/merryjaina. On their Pixel 6 Pro, the customer claims that it’s occurring and that calls have been rejected without their knowledge. They’ve been called by pals, but they’ve never received a missed call notification.

Nevertheless, the calls are recorded as refused in the call log. According to this user, only stored contacts are affected, and not random phone numbers. The phone’s display does not show the calls. They’re just rejected without any more action on their part. There is a second user who claims that their calls were not denied but instead went directly to voice mail, and these were often calls from the doctors. Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are affected.

Can you fix it?

The current problem with Google’s Pixel 6 phones hasn’t been addressed by the company. Android 13 is anticipated later this year, and users are hopeful that a remedy will be included. There may be a remedy for this problem while users wait for the update. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings may be at blame, according to one user in the discussion. “Some strange scheduling restrictions” were preventing them from receiving all of their starred contacts’ calls, they said. The user just has to navigate to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules to make the necessary changes.