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Waffle: New Wordle Clone Makes You Swap Letters To Guess The Game

Credit: Waffle

Waffle, a clever new Wordle clone, eliminates the need for players to type by having them exchange letters to create a grid of words. When the first web-based word game premiered last year, it became an immediate pop-culture success because of its easy rules and social feature. As a Wordle clone for movies, Moviedle, Waffle is the most successful spin-off ever.

Waffle, a new word puzzle game in the Wordle format, adds an intriguing new twist to the concept. In Waffle, players must solve six words organized in a waffle-like grid rather than simply one. Even though the letters are initially scrambled, this game tells which ones belong where, similar to Wordle. Swapping letters may be done to gradually build words and pin down which letters belong in other places. Even while Waffle isn’t the most innovative or self-contained clone of World, it’s still one of the most fun.
While obviously influenced by Wordle, Waffle’s unique twists on the idea set it apart as a stand-alone work of art. Rather of typing, participants exchange letters to build a grid of six distinct words simultaneously. Waffle may be the next big thing for crossword puzzle players who like daily word puzzles.

Wordle, a word game created by Josh Wardle and released in October of that year, was bought by The New York Times in January of the following year. When attempting to solve a five-letter word, players have six chances to get it right, with each erroneous guess indicating which letters do or do not fit in the answer. Since then, numerous Wordle clones have appeared, each with its own unique take on the theme. When Marvle and Lordle update the solution pool, for example, they only include terms related to Marvel or Lord of the Rings properties. Antiwordle, a word puzzle game, challenges players to avoid a word instead of discovering one, making it unique.