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Valve is Giving Up on Steam Link, Here’s Why


We have some bad news for people who are thinking about buying a new Steam Link, Valve has announced that it will discontinue the gadget. Steam Link is a beloved accessory by PC fans because it makes it possible for them to stream their favorite PC games on a TV or any other display that is connected to the same network as their PC. Unfortunately, Valve is not going to sell anymore Steam Link units.

Valve Will No Longer Sell Steam Link

Steam Link hit the markets back in 2015 and it looks like Valve is ready to move on to the next “big thing”. Furthermore, Valve announced that all Steam Link units are nearly sold out in Europe that it doesn’t plan to keep producing the PC accessory anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that Steam Link is not going to receive any more software support.

Software Support

Luckily for PC fans who have already purchased a Steam Link, Valve is not going to forget about them anytime soon. Valve made it clear that even though it might not manufacturer anymore Steam Link units, the company will still offer full-fledged support to already existing Steam Link units. Therefore, PC fans who love using Steam Link to play their favorite games on their TVs should be glad to know that Valve is not taking this away from them.

Android App

The reason why Valve decided to stop producing anymore Steam Link units is that it’s getting outdated. High-end smart displays feature 4K technology and Steam Link is not able to offer 4K streaming.

Not just that, but there also are Android apps that can do the same thing as Steam Link and they can be downloaded for free. Therefore, Valve recognizes that there is a small chance someone is going to buy a Steam Link.