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Verizon Imrpoves Its Budget-Friendly “Vision” Cell Plan with Unlimited Data


Verizon has kept improving its cell plans with multiple tiers during this past couple of years and the interesting thing about them is that even though most cell plans have “Unlimited” in their tier name, they don’t actually offer unlimited mobile data. This has confused many people and now, Verizon is ready to make things up and compensate for all the confusion its tiers have caused. Verizon is refreshing and improving its budget-friendly tier called Visible.

Visible launched last year and it was marketed as a one-size cell plan that runs on Verizon’s network and offers unlimited “everything” for only $40. The problem here is that the unlimited in the cell plan’s title didn’t actually mean unlimited mobile data. The speed of the cell plan was limited at 5MBs which is quite smaller than the 59.4 MBs speed that Verizon’s premium cell plans offer.

Verizon Removes Internet Speed on Visible

The reason why we are talking about Verizon and Visible today is that the network carrier has just announced that it will remove the internet speed on Visible. The new offer is advertised as a limited-time deal and this is what a Verizon representative had to say about the news:

“The data is truly uncapped. There is no GB threshold after which Visible traffic is treated differently. It is, however, subject to de-prioritization during times of congestion,”.

Final Words

We have to give it to Verizon for raising the cap of Visible. The cell plan should’ve never had “unlimited” in its title since the internet speed was capped at 5MBs, but now, Verizon is making things right. The last thing that we want to mention is that anyone who is interested in joining the new cell plan can do it by clicking here.