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Videoder Top Three Features (Online Video Downloader)


If you are looking for an app that is going to make it possible for you and your friends to watch online videos while offline, then you might want to check Videoder. This is an Android app that can download online videos from a multitude of websites and what makes it stand out is the fact that it is equipped with a bunch of cool features that will enhance your video downloading experience. In fact, today we are going to present the app’s top features so that all interested readers can get a good idea about what Videoder has to offer.

Videoder Top Features

#1 Video Preview

The first top feature that we want to cover is the app’s video preview mode. Just like it works on video streaming apps such as YouTube, Videoder is letting users get a short preview of videos that they can watch before actually downloading the video.

#2 Multiple Selection

One of the features that make Videoder stand out when compared to similar apps is how easy it is to find interesting content to download with the app. Videoder features multiple videos and music that can be explored directly in the UI (user interface). To top it all off, all the videos and music featured in the multiple selection can be downloaded with the touch of a single button.

#3 Built-in Browser

We have saved the best for last! The third top feature that Videoder offers is a built-in browser. This means that Videoder users are not required to leave the video and music downloading app whenever they want to search for new content to download or any other type of information. In addition, the browser features a trending page that shows all viral videos and songs, which users can download.