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Vimeo Launches Service for Holographic Videos


Everyone who has watched a Sci-Fi movie such as Star Trek or Star Wars knows what a holograph is, but did you know that this technology already exists? Not just that, but Vimeo is trying to bring holographic images and videos to the public via its new Looking Glass Factory display.

Vimeo is known for being an innovative company that is always looking for new ways to take media entertainment to the next level, but no one expected Vimeo to announce that it’s launching a new service that is dedicated to holographic videos.

Vimeo Service for Holographic Videos

Vimeo announced that it’s launching a new channel that is dedicated to holographic videos. The cool thing about this service is that the only thing that interested readers need to do is to get their hands on a Looking Glass Factory holographic display and they will get access to an endless source of holographic videos provided by Vimeo’s user-based content.

On the downside of things, Looking Glass Factory holographic displays are not available for purchase right now. The only people who managed to buy a Looking Glass Factory are the people who backed up the company during its crowdfunding campaign.

Looking Glass Factory

The holographic display is super innovative and it measures in at 8.9-inches. However, Looking Glass Factory will also be priced at $600 when it finally goes on sale and this means that there won’t be that many people who buy it.

Even though holographic videos might be the next “big thing” in media entertainment, spending $600 on a special display is not something that most people are willing to do. Therefore, we believe that the service that Vimeo is launching is going to be ideal for 3D art designers who want to view their work because the average consumer will not pay $600 for a Looking Glass Factory display.