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Vivaldi Browser 4.1.2352.3 Update is Now Available with Major Improvements to Performance


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Are you a big fan of Vivaldi Browser? If that is the case, you should be excited to find out that a brand-new update is available to download. The update sports the 4.1.2352.3 version number and the developers are rolling it out via OTA (over the air) channels. Therefore, all Vivaldi Browser fans are eligible to download it right away.

Vivaldi Browser 4.1.2352.3 Update

As previously noted, the new update for Vivaldi Browser changes the mobile browser’s version number to 4.1.2352.3 version number and it can be accessed via OTA channels. As a result, all Vivaldi Browser fans who have access to Wi-Fi can access the update and receive all the improvements that the update introduces.

What’s New?

Here are the full patch notes for the new update:

  • Known Issues

If you have used sync in an earlier snapshot based on Chromium 92 (either on Desktop or Android), it might have created corrupted bookmark or notes entries and you will need to Clear Server Data. Affected users will have sync crash when trying to log out and log in again.

  • Changelog

[Bookmarks] Android back command closes bookmarks instead of going up a level VAB-1821
[Panels] vivaldi:history opens two panels VAB-4234
[Start Page] Autosize default speed dial title cards VAB-4258
[Regression] Crash in Tab toolbar VAB-4269
[Regression] Browser crashes when clicking “Cancel” on QR-code download popup VAB-4259

Top Features

Check out Vivaldi Browser’s top features:


Your browser, your business. We don’t track how you use Vivaldi and private incognito tabs mean you can keep your browsing history to yourself. Searches sites visited, cookies and temporary files won’t be stored when you use private tabs.


Choose between using a Tab Bar (which works great on larger screens and tablets) or a Tab Switcher to manage your tabs. In the Tab Switcher you can quickly swipe to find open tabs, private tabs and tabs you’ve recently closed in the browser or have open on another device.


A built-in Ad Blocker blocks ads and stops trackers from following you around the web – no extensions needed. P.S. It also makes your browser faster.


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