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Vivo Apex 2019 with 12GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 CPU Gets Confirmed


The press renders of Vivo Apex 2019 leaked yesterday on Weibo which is the Chinese version of Reddit. While most tech companies would be mad if pictures of their next-gen smartphone would leak online, Vivo decided to use the attention that Vivo Apex 2019 was getting as an opportunity to officially announce the smartphone.

We have to give praise to Vivo’s marketing team for making such a clever move. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about the next-gen Chinese flagship smartphone.

Introducing Vivo Apex 2019

As previously mentioned, the smartphone made a surprise appearance on Weibo yesterday when its press render was leaked. Luckily for us and all other smartphone fans, Vivo didn’t waste any time and it decided to post the official press render (featured above) for Vivo Apex 2019 so that interested Vivo fans know what to expect.

Sleek Design

The feature that stands out the most when looking at Vivo Apex 2019’s press render is the smartphone’s design. The smartphone features a sleek looking all-screen design that doesn’t feature any physical buttons or a fingerprint scanner. Vivo said that Vivo Apex 2019 will ship with an in-display fingerprint scanner that will offer top-notch biometric security.

5G Technology

One of the most impressive features that Vivo Apex 2019 will have to offer is support for 5G technology. Vivo Apex 2019 will capitalize on Qualcomm’s new X50 5G modem and Vivo said that it will use a new “stacking technique” that frees up 20% of the motherboard space for the 5G modem’s components. Let’s hope that other tech companies start implementing 5G technology as well.

Under the Hood

Since Vivo Apex 2019 will be a flagship smartphone, the Chinese based tech manufacturer has made sure to equip it with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 CPU, 256GB of base internal storage space and the whopping amount of 12GB RAM!