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Meizu Announces All-New Zero Smartphone without Any Ports


Apple started a trend a few years ago when it removed the headphone jack from its iPhones. Even though Apple’s move was risky, another tech company have decided to take things to the next level and show Apple how innovation is truly done. The tech company that we are talking about is none other than Meizu which has recently announced a new smartphone called Zero.

Meizu Announces All-New Zero Smartphone

Zero is an innovative looking smartphone that doesn’t ship with any ports! Yes, you read that right. Meizu didn’t just get rid of the headphone jack, Meizu got rid of everything and the new smartphone only features the two 12MP and 20MP cameras and two small pinholes. One pinhole is used by the microphone and the second one is used for hard resets.

Sleek Design and Premium Specs

As we can clearly see in the featured picture, the lack of ports gives Zero a sleek design. The smartphone is equipped with a 5.99-inches display that uses QHD OLED technology. Not just that, but the smartphone is also fueled by a powerful Snapdragon 845 processor beneath its hood. We should also note that Zero supports wireless charging that goes up to 18W.

Pressure Sensing Buttons

Zero doesn’t feature any physical buttons and instead, the smartphone is equipped with pressure sensing buttons that can be used to lock and unlock it. These buttons feature haptic feedback and they are located on the display borders.

The SIM Card Slot Has Been Removed

Another big risk that Meizu took when designing Zero is to remove the SIM card slot. This means that Zero will have to rely on an embedded SIM or eSIM technology. Nonetheless, the smartphone is going to first launch in China and carriers are already offering eSIM options there.