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Warriors of Waterdeep is the D&D-Inspired Mobile Game That You Have Been Looking For


Dungeons and Dragons or D&D for short is one of the most popular tabletop games in the world. Even though D&D has inspired many titles, there aren’t that many mobile games that can offer an authentic D&D experience. Well, here is where Warriors of Waterdeep comes in and saves the day. This is a new mobile game for iOS and Android designed by the game developer Ludia in collaboration with the tabletop RPG team at Wizards of the Coast.

Introducing: Warriors of Waterdeep

Warriors of Waterdeep was launched yesterday (May 29th) on Android and iOS and it is a D&D inspired turn-based RPG (role-playing game) that features both single-player and PvP game modes. “Players will need to summon a team of heroes as the great city of Waterdeep is threatened by powerful dark forces,” said the game developer.

“We believe fans of the franchise will find Warriors of Waterdeep stays true to the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons with challenging storylines and innovative turn-based gameplay,” added Ludia.

Top Features

Now that we have introduced Warriors of Waterdeep, let’s go ahead and check out which are the top features that the new mobile game has to offer. Without any further ado, let’s get into it:

  • CHOOSE a team of heroes from new and established characters like Shevarith the human wizard, Saarvin the dragonborn ranger, Farideh the tiefling warlock…and more!
  • BATTLE fearsome monsters drawn from the Forgotten Realms like fierce hobgoblins, rampaging giants, restless undead…even a devastating red dragon…in tactical, turn-based combat!
  • COLLECT and upgrade powerful weapons and equipment to generate even mightier effects and powerful combinations on the battlefield!
  • DISCOVER deadly locations like the long-lost Frostsilver Mines, or the treacherous Harvestshield Mountain. Choose which room to enter, and keep your eyes open for secret doors!
  • CHALLENGE your adventuring skills by reaching new dungeon depths in search of ever-greater rewards in Challenge mode.