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Watch the Gameplay Trailer for ‘Planet of Lana,’ an Upcoming Puzzle Adventure Game

Source: Steam

Puzzle adventure games have that special “something” by putting your mind to work in ways you wouldn’t expect. That also seems to be the case for Planet of Lana, an upcoming game that presents the relationship between Lana and her pet, known as Mui.

Planet of Lana will be released at some point in 2022. We don’t have any info yet about the exact release date of the game, but that will indeed change soon enough. Just make sure to check our website from time to time!

Planet of Lana will be available for PC and Xbox consoles

The upcoming puzzle adventure game ‘Planet of Lana’ will be available for both PC and Xbox consoles. This means that the game will surely be available for the Xbox Series X and S consoles. There’s a chance that Xbox One consoles are also getting support, but we wouldn’t place a safe bet on that.

However, feel free to check out the gameplay trailer of Planet of Lana, as there is a lot more to find out about the upcoming game:

IGN’s description of the video goes straight to the point:

“Check out gameplay and explore the beautiful world of Planet of Lana in this latest trailer for this upcoming cinematic puzzle adventure game centered on the relationship between Lana and her mysterious animal companion Mui. Planet of Lana is coming to PC and Xbox in 2022.”

Even if Planet of Lana won’t be available for PlayStation consoles at launch, we can expect that to change at a later date. PlayStation 5 consoles are arguably just as capable as Xbox Series X/S, so it would be weird for a game to run only on Microsoft’s current-gen consoles.