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What is SSTP and what are the advantages of SSTP VPN


The internet has changed our lives and no one can deny that. People can access any information that they want after performing a simple Google search and this is what makes the internet such as powerful tool that everyone should use on a daily basis. Not just that, but some people also love to watch online videos and keep themselves entertained or learn something new during boring hours. On the downside of things, some of those online videos might be region restricted and this makes them unavailable to some people. Luckily, this is where SSTP VPN comes in to save the day.

Today we are going to take a better look at what is SSTP and all the advantages that using a SSTP VPN service brings to people starting with full internet anonymity and ending with the military-grade encryption algorithms that the service offers which ensure that no one can access or steal the data of someone who uses a SSTP VPN service.

What is SSTP?

For those unfamiliar with the term, SSTP is an acronym that stands for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. SSTP is basically a special version of a VPN tunnel that can be used to transfer PPP traffic via an SSL/TLS channel. This is quite important because transferring PPP traffic via an SSL/TLS channel protects the data through encryption, key negotiation and traffic integrity security.

The best thing about using SSTP other than the high-level security that it offers is that it can find a way around all existing types of firewalls. To make things even better, SSTP is a property of Microsoft and this means that it features full support for Windows.

The Advantages of SSTP VPN

  • Be Anonymous!

Just like all other VPN services, people who decide to use a SSTP VPN will benefit from being fully anonymous on the internet. Even though people might use the Incognito mode on their browser, this doesn’t mean that their IP address and internet activity is hidden. In fact, ISP (internet service providers) are always able to see their subscribers web history even though they might use Incognito mode at all times.

  • AES Encryption

As we previously mentioned, SSTP VPN services offer military-grade encryption algorithms that will keep your data safe from harm’s way.

  • Bypass Firewalls

Another great thing about using SSTP VPN is that you will never have to worry about firewalls ever again. SSTP VPN services are known for being able to find ways around and even penetrate in some cases all types of firewalls.

  • Windows Integration

Considering that SSTP VPN has been developed by Microsoft, then it should come as no surprise to anyone that it features full support for Windows. This is the most popular desktop operating system and the fact that SSTP VPN services offer full Windows integration makes them really useful to have.

  • Cross-Platform Usability

Even though SSTP VPN services might be renowned for their Windows 10 integration, this doesn’t mean that they are not usable on other platforms. The protocol can be used on different operating systems such as Linux, Mint, Ubuntu, Android and even Mac by using premium third-party software.

  • Encrypted Online Traffic

We previously talked about how ISP (internet service providers) can still check people’s internet activity even though they might use special modes such as Incognito. However, this will never happen to people who decide to use a SSTP VPN service. The internet data is fully encrypted and no third-party will be able to access it.

  • Access Region Restricted Content

The last thing we need to mention about SSTP VPN services is that they make it possible for users to access all content that they want, even the content that is region restricted.

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