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Earn To Die Is A Game That You Must Try


Doesn’t it seem like every major game studio is introducing zombies in their games nowadays? This can be seeing in all types of titles starting with AAA games such as Call of Duty and ending with browser racing games like Earn to Die. The reason why zombies are popping up everywhere is because it’s really fun to drive over them with your car and destroy them to your path to victory. Don’t believe me? Well, then you should play a few races in Earn To Die and see for yourself.

Race Fast Cars

If you are the type of person who loves racing cars in challenging modes, then Earn To Die is the perfect game for you. What makes Earn To Die special is that as previously mentioned, zombies are thrown in the mix and this makes it really fun to speed through hordes of zombies until the final lap comes around.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

The cool thing about Earn To Die is not the fact that you get to run over hundreds of zombies while trying to get a fast lap time, but the fact that you get to upgrade your vehicle with parts that you unlock by playing the game. Getting the right upgrades for your vehicle is what makes the difference between a good zombie killer and a great one!

Browsing Based Game

Do you have a lot of free time at work? Well, then you should look no further than Earn To Die. This game doesn’t require any special software to run and everyone can play it directly from their browser which makes Earn To Die a great game to pass up free time when bored.

Challenging Main Story

What’s great about Earn To Die is the main story that this game offers. People who decide to give Earn To Die a try will find that the story gives them a good reason to run through hordes of zombies and things get only better after the story is finished because players can access the championship and free modes.