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WhatsApp for iPhone Will Soon Let Users Send Short Video Messages

Credit: HeikoAL from Pixabay

WhatsApp is a popular platform for sending and receiving text messages, pictures, videos, and voice calls. It is best known for its versatility in this regard. On the other hand, WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will enable users of the iPhone app to send short video messages to one another.

WABetaInfo was the one to discover the feature hidden away in the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone. Although the feature is not yet accessible to users, WABetaInfo was able to activate it in order to test how it will function once it is made available. The new feature operates in a manner analogous to that of Telegram’s brief video messages.

Users have the ability to send one another video messages by tapping and holding a button to record a video that is up to one minute long. When it is received, the video will be presented in a looping format and will start playing on its own. The end-to-end transmission of short video messages will be encrypted. These messages cannot be saved or forwarded, but screenshots can be taken of them.

Users who want to quickly express themselves through video will find this new feature to be an invaluable tool in their toolkit. It will be much simpler to demonstrate something vital on the camera, and one won’t even have to record a particularly lengthy video to do so.

The exact date on which WhatsApp intends to make its short video messaging feature available to all users is, unfortunately, unknown at this time. WhatsApp has been hard at work developing new features that will improve the user experience of the platform. Some of these new features include voice support for posting status updates and a new option to edit messages that have already been sent.

Additionally, WhatsApp is making improvements to the group chat experience by giving admins the ability to decide who can join a group. This makes it much simpler to determine which groups you and other contacts share in common. Additionally, the Expiring Groups feature, which is designed to be used for particular events, is undergoing testing on the platform.

In conclusion, the soon-to-be-released feature of short video messages will give iPhone users a new way to communicate with one another using WhatsApp. The functionality will make it easier for users to quickly share videos with one another, which will improve the overall user experience.