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WhatsApp Rolls Up Single Group Forward Feature


In order to reduce the propagation of fake messages on the network, WhatsApp is testing a feature that prevents users from sending a ‘forwarded’ message to more than one group. When the feature is available, users who try to forward a message that has already been forwarded will get a notification stating that “forwarded messages may only be sent to one group chat.” Continue reading to discover more about the new WhatsApp feature.

A limited number of beta testers have already seen WhatsApp’s single group forward capability. WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.7.2 and WhatsApp beta for iOS v22.7.0.76 both include this feature. Users will be unable to send messages to more than one group chat at the same time, preventing the spread of incorrect and misleading information on the site.

Messages may only be forwarded to up to five different WhatsApp chats at once. As of today, everyone, regardless of location, may use this feature. The purpose of restricting the number of individuals who may view a forward message on WhatsApp is to reduce spam and other incorrect information that is still spreading.

WhatsApp is working on enabling users to share files up to 2 GB in size on the network.
As an addendum. A new feature may be in the works to solve the problem of sending large files through WhatsApp. According to the WhatsApp updates tracker WABetaInfo, users may soon be able to exchange files up to 2GB in size, with the instant messaging network working on it. It’s worth noting that Telegram has long allowed users to share many files at once, as well as a single large file.

Argentine iPhone users are taking part in a WhatsApp experiment to test how well they manage sending large files. The capability has been discovered in the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS v22.7.0.76, which is currently being tested. Users of Android and iOS may now share files up to 100MB in size. It would be really useful for Meta-owned chat service users to be able to share larger files.