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Leaks Reveal New Rumored Battlefield 2042 Maps

Credit: Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has been widely regarded as one of the worst-received big games in recent memory. They are trying to attract back more gamers by introducing additional modifications in Battlefield 2042. Recently leaked information reveals there may be three more maps that might be added to the game. A new data miner’s leak suggests that Battlefield 2042 has three unannounced maps.

Port Valdez or Panama Canal from Bad Company 2 are two possible examples of possible Battlefield maps for Portal, according to the leak. In the main artbook, a picture of a dried-up river/lake is seen. Similarly, LightsOut might hint a fresh take on Operation Locker via a barracks or prison-like map. However, there is no more information on map sizes or probable launch dates available at this time.

It’s possible, while DICE hasn’t confirmed it yet, these maps are an effort to remedy some of Battlefield 2042’s issues. DICE announced certain adjustments to Battlefield 2042 in a blog post last month, including the possibility of smaller terrain in the future. This was owing to the game’s too vast areas, which provided a lot of unoccupied room for players to explore. DICE has responded to map criticism in the last several months with more specific intentions for design modifications.

The release of Battlefield 2042 in November was greeted with a great deal of dissatisfaction among Battlefield enthusiasts who had been anticipating its arrival. Even months after the release of Battlefield 2042, the reaction has been so poor that earlier Battlefield games have already surpassed active player numbers. Not helping matters was the developer’s announcement that the first season of Battlefield 2042 will be postponed. But DICE hasn’t given up on the game, as it continues to make upgrades and add new content.

In terms of player counts, the speculated maps may or may not have an impact at this stage. Even before Battlefield 2042 was released, EA had decided to rethink the franchise’s direction.