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Whoscall – Caller ID & Block 7.19 Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

Source: whoscall.com

Whoscall is once again going through some important changes, the app that helps about 70 million people worldwide by offering Caller ID & Block function. Update 7.19 has just arrived, and you are free to grab it via APKMirror.

The update is available in the form of both an APK and a bundle of 21 splits. Both download options were built based on the universal architecture. You’ll need to have a phone that runs on at least the 6.0 version of the Android OS.

What’s new in Whoscall – Caller ID & Block 7.19

The new 7.19 APK brings a series of improvements and bug fixes for the app.

By using Whoscall, you’ll get rid forever of those annoying people who call only to make bad jokes or threats. Or at least you’ll find out who they are, as they usually don’t even reveal their identity. That will give you a chance to arrange a meeting in real person to settle things in a manly way by playing a game of chess.

Here’s a description of the app via Apple’s App Store:

“Whoscall has more than 100 million downloads and over 1.6 billion databases from global community. Know who’s calling immediately so that you can pick up important calls and blocks annoying calls. Choose your callers!”

Whoscall also allows the user to see who’s trying to spam him. He can even block unwanted contacts, just like pretty much any other phone app out there. He can block even relatives or friends, as we all know that such things happen very often nowadays. In other words, this app allows you to choose who’s calling and get rid of any annoying incoming calls.

Back in 2015, Whoscall was rewarded as the best App Store app of the year.

You can download Whoscall via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.