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Why Starting to Use a Screen Recorder is a Good Idea


Although screen recorders have been around for quite some time, in the past only content creators mostly used them as a tool to record footage for their videos. However as screen recorders have grown to be more user-friendly and widely available – others are starting to realize the benefits of using one.

If you haven’t used a screen recorder in the past, it would be a good idea to start. If you need a reason, think about the fact that it can be used to:

  • Save online streaming videos of all kinds

If you want to save online streaming videos from any platform or even within apps, screen recording is the most effective option. It won’t ‘download’ the video but will record it from your screen instead, meaning that there won’t be any limitations on it.

Recently it has been widely used to not only record normal online streaming videos, but livestreams and ephemeral content (i.e. content that disappears after a certain period) from platforms such as Instagram.

  • Save video calls

Another interesting way to use screen recording is as a tool to save video calls. Most platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts don’t have a feature to save video calls, and screen recording can help to fill that void.

Aside from the fact that this will let you save any calls with your family and loved ones as a keepsake, it can also be used to help you save important work meetings or conference calls – so you can refer to them if necessary.

  • Document bugs and technical issues

If you ever encounter a bug or technical issue, screen recording can be tremendously useful as it will let you document exactly what went wrong. Without it you’d have to try to explain it with words – which can be difficult to say the least.

In fact screen recording will open up numerous options to enable you to get help more easily. For example you could upload the video that you capture of the issue to YouTube and then share the link on technical support communities and social media so that you’re able to get help quickly.

Make no mistake all of this is really just scratching the surface of the potential of screen recording, but you should be starting to see the invaluable role that it can play as a tool to save content from your screen. In fact if you’re already convinced you might want to try using a desktop recorder of some kind, such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for example.

At the end of the day screen recording could make it a lot more convenient to perform a wide range of tasks – and on top of that it has the ability to create various types of video content as well. If you already have a screen recorder available you should explore that potential fully, and figure out ways that you can make use of what it has to offer.