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‘Wild Hearts’ Will be Playable Offline

Credit: Electronic Arts

Wild Hearts is a revolutionary take on the hunting genre, offering players an unforgettable adventure filled with heart-pumping action. In this game, players have the opportunity to master the use of technology, which provides them with the tools they need to face the massive, nature-infused beasts that roam the game world.

The game offers a thrilling single-player experience, but it also allows players to hunt together with friends, adding a social aspect to the gameplay. The technology-focused gameplay sets WILD HEARTS™ apart from other hunting games, providing players with a unique and exciting experience. Whether playing solo or with friends, players are sure to be swept up in the game’s intense action and captivating world.

‘Wild Hearts’ is available on February 17, 2023

Wild Hearts will be available to play in just about two weeks, on February 17.

Wild Hearts is set to feature offline play and will not have microtransactions. During a recent Q&A with gamers, EA, the company publishing the game, answered fan questions about the game and confirmed various gameplay details, and mp1st brings us details.

The game will have a performance mode for consoles and over 20 Kemonos at launch. Post-launch content will be free and the endgame will involve a new quest to hunt down powerful Kemonos. Players will be able to customize their base Karakuri loadout and meet the Tsukumo, who can act as an AI companion. The game will allow solo players to pause, and there will be no ability to capture the large Kemonos.

The Wild Hearts game was inspired by the passion and innovation in the hunting genre, and the developers’ aim was to create a Japanese-style hunting game that could be enjoyed by a new generation of players worldwide.

Wild Hearts will be available for PC and the usual consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.