Home Technology Two New Ace Line Chargers From Anker Are Optimized For Samsung

Two New Ace Line Chargers From Anker Are Optimized For Samsung

Credit: Anker

While chargers may not be the most exciting product, smartphones have advanced to the point where they can be charged at much faster rates while still using less power. Anker is a company that has specialized in charging devices for ten years, so it’s a good idea to check out what they have to offer every so often. The company is releasing the first of its new Ace line of chargers today, and they’re promising that they’ll be the best chargers available for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series of smartphones.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S23 series of devices, and while pre-orders are now live for the smartphones, one thing to keep in mind when ordering is that they will not include chargers in the boxes. Many smartphone manufacturers have stopped shipping charging cables alongside their products in recent years, forcing users to make do with antiquated wall adapters.

There will initially only be two charging adapters in the Ace line, but that number will grow over time. Only the Anker 312 and Anker 313 exist at the moment. The plugs on both of these power sources fold inward, and they each have just a single USB-C charging port, so they take up very little space. The Anker 312 can charge at up to 25W, while the Anker 313 can charge at up to 45W. However, although both will be able to use Samsung’s Super Rapid Charging 2.0, only the latter will enable fast charging rates thanks to GaN technology and PowerIQ 3.0 with PPS.

Despite the fact that these are being marketed as Samsung-optimized, they will be compatible with any device that can be charged via a USB-C port. The Anker 312 can be purchased for $14.99 and the Anker 313 can be purchased for $29.99. Both products are now for sale on the Anker website and will soon be available from other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.