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Will The Apple Car Come Its Very Own OS?

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Apple Car has been a long-running rumor, but the business has yet to acknowledge it. Apple Car is an electric car on which the company is working exactly.

CarOS, a fully integrated operating system, is rumored to be in place for the Apple Car, as per Digitimes’ newest report. Apple is said to be working on a software framework that can govern every part of a car’s operation, according to the speculation.

Tesla uses an Intel Atom Processor to run a customized version of Linux. Navigation, entertainment, cameras, and other features are all handled by the central control unit. The Apple Car is intended to compete with Tesla, so a similar operating system-controlled interface wouldn’t be surprising.

The navigation, entertainment, and educational elements, as well as the sensors that aid in data processing, will all benefit from this new operating system. Only navigation and media playback are presently supported by the company’s CarPlay software.

In a Digitimes article, the M1 SoC is the processor of choice for their carOS (System on Chip). Using the neural processing unit, road conditions and driver input will be analyzed.

As per supply chain insiders, Apple is working with a Korean business to build a Domain Control Unit (DCU). The alleged Apple Car’s self-driving sensor should also be housed in the DCU.

Tesla cars

Tesla vehicles now have a big, central dashboard screen that is expected to be used in the software platform. The interiors of Tesla cars are filled with displays powered by company-owned software. There are no physical controls on the dashboards of Tesla’s electric cars since the operations of the vehicle can be accessed via the vehicle’s many screens, which is feasible owing to Tesla’s software. Despite these reports, though, Apple hasn’t verified any of them at this time.