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Google Sheets Receives New Intelligent Corrections Tool

Credit: Google Sheets

One of Google’s numerous Workspace products, Google Sheets, is receiving an upgrade. Users will be able to create formulae in a more efficient way thanks to the new tool. The new Google Sheets feature, called Intelligent Corrections, will assist users find errors in their formulae and provide a solution.

Google said in a blog post that formula recommendations were added to Sheets last year. In response to the user’s data analysis, the function suggests formulae for certain cells. Users will be able to write formulae quicker and with more confidence using formula corrections thanks to Intelligent Corrections. Context-aware fixes have been included to assist users debug and improve a wide variety of calculations.

Intelligent Corrections may identify problems and recommend better formulations. Users will see a fresh and better version of the formula when they enter a formula that has an error in it, rather than the existing formula. Users will be able to approve or reject this recommendation. VLOOKUP problems, missing cells in range input, and locking ranges when applying formulae across cells are all instances of formulas that may be addressed by the functionality mentioned in the blog article.

Google demonstrates the feature’s functionality with an example. VLOOKUP functions that only give values to the right of the matching cell are shown in a brief video on the website to demonstrate the Intelligent Corrections feature. INDEC and MATCH functions are suggested as a way to reorder columns in the formula. In the same way, the feature will be useful for a variety of other formulations.

Users of Google Workspace may deactivate Intelligent Corrections by heading to Tools > Enable formula corrections or by selecting the three-dot menu in the suggestion dialogue box from the drop-down menu. When it comes to the feature’s delivery, Google is using an extended rollout strategy that will take more than 15 days to reach all users.