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Windows 10 1909 Update – Check Out The Highlight Features


Microsoft is getting ready to launch its semi-annual Windows 10 update. This is not one of the regular monthly updates that introduce software tweaks and instead, it is a major release that introduces new features and major changes to the way that the operating system works. The update sports the 1909 version number and with that being said, today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Windows 10 1909 Update

Even though the 1909 update for Windows 10 is a major release, it’s actually not as ambitious as previous updates of its kind. The update is introducing a plethora of important changes such as new shortcuts, options to manage the Windows 10 app and more importantly, easier editing features for the calendar app. Not just that, but the update also introduces third-party AI assistant integration for Alexa or Google Assistant on Windows 10.

Settings and Shortcuts

  • The newly added “Manage notifications” shortcuts can now be found in Action Center;
  • All individual notifications are now going to feature a link that takes the user directly to the specific app’s notification settings;
  • The update introduces a new option in the Notifications Settings page that allows users to mute apps individually.

Additional Changes

  • The search box in File Explorer to now be powered by Windows Search. This change will help integrate your OneDrive content online with the traditional indexed results;
  • Added additional debugging capabilities for newer Intel processors. This is only relevant for hardware manufacturers;
  • Enabled Windows Defender Credential Guard for ARM64 devices for additional protection against credential theft for enterprises deploying ARM64 devices in their organizations;
  • Enabled the ability for enterprises to supplement the Windows 10 in S Mode policy to allow traditional Win32 (desktop) apps from Microsoft Intune;
  • Added the ability for Narrator and other assistive technologies to read and learn where the FN key is located on keyboards and what state it is in (locked versus unlocked).