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WoW Classic: Blizzard Reveals Exciting Details about Legacy Servers


Blizzard recently launched its seventh World of Warcraft or WoW for short expansion called Battle for Azeroth. Unfortunately, the new expansion introduces a bunch of systems such as Azerite Gear and players hate it. Azerite Gear pushes players to farm a new mode called “Islands” and no one in the WoW community likes it. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that even though Battle for Azeroth has been out for two months, players are already looking towards the “next big thing” and that is Classic WoW.

Classic Wow

Before we get into the latest detail that Blizzard revealed about Classic WoW, we need to mention that millions of WoW fans have wanted Legacy Servers for a couple of years now. However, Blizzard didn’t want to create them and WoW fans had no other option than to go to private servers and Blizzard didn’t like this and forced all private servers such as Nostalrius to shut down.

Fortunately, Blizzard decided to listen to its fanbase and announced that it’s working on Classic WoW and Legacy Servers will launch in the upcoming future. To make things even better, WoW fans who have purchased digital tickets for this year’s Blizzcon event which starts November 2nd will get to play a demo of Classic WoW.

Blizzard Reveals Classic WoW Details

Blizzard announced that WoW fans will get to test out a demo version of Classic WoW and that they will be able to pick from two iconic zones. Alliance players will be sent to Westfall while Horde members will go to the Barrens.

Dungeons Will Not Be Available

This means that all characters will start at level 15 and that players can level them up two 19 through quests and exploring. On the downside of things, Blizzard confirmed that players will not be able to enter low level dungeons such as the famous Deadmines or Wailing Caverns.

PVP News

One of the most fun thing about Classic WoW was the PVP (player-vs-player) and unfortunately, Blizzard announced that Horde and Alliance players will not get to meet each other during the demo. Although, players will still be able to test out the PVP by dueling each other.

Leaked Server List

Even though Blizzard has been announcing lots of important Classic WoW details, the game developer “forgot” to mention something rather important that has been recently leaked.

A leakster managed to find through datamining that Blizzard is planning to release twenty Classic servers. This is great news because it confirms that Blizzard has big plans for Classic WoW and that it expects millions of players to join the Legacy Servers.

Limited Play Time

The worst news that came from Blizzard regarding the demo version of Classic WoW that will be available on November 2nd is that every player will get a limited amount of play time.

Blizzard said that it doesn’t the servers to have any problems and that each player will get to have fun for a couple of hours and then that player will get disconnected for another couple of hours before he can log in back.

While not being able to play the Classic WoW demo for as long as possible might upset some players, getting to enjoy the game without lag or server crashes is still much better than not getting to play the game at all.

Twitch Streamers Speak Out

Since we are talking about Classic WoW the question that everyone might be wondering is which servers will famous Twitch streamers such as Sodapoppin, Reckful and Asmongold join? Well, you might be disappointed to hear that most streamers will join PVE servers because they don’t want to be camped by other players.