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VidMate 3.5501: Software Optimization, Bug Fixes and WhatsApp Video Sharing


Most people might know VidMate for being able to download online videos, but this is not all that this app can do. VidMate is an all-around premium Android app that brings lots of cool features to its users that help them avoid getting bored. Nonetheless, the reason why VidMate is making headlines today is because the app just received a brand-new update and we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Constant Updates

Before we cover the contents of the new VidMate update, we need to give praise to the app’s developers for releasing a constant stream of updates. VidMate is always improving through new APK updates and the latest one sports the 3.5501 version number.

VidMate 3.5501 APK

As previously mentioned, the latest update for VidMate changes the app’s version number to 3.5501 and it’s available right now. The update comes in the form of APK which means that everyone who wants to get it needs to do it manually.

VidMate can download videos from any website and this means that Google is not allowed to list VidMate on its official Play Store. This makes it difficult for the developers to release updates OTA (over the air) and they choose to go with APKs (Android Package Kit) instead.

Android Package Kit Update

For those who are unfamiliar with APK updates, they should know that all Android app developers release their new updates like this. APK updates give fans a chance to get their hands on the latest features, software tweaks and bug fixes ahead everyone else because they need to be manually downloaded and installed.

The only thing that VidMate fans who want to get the new update need to do is to find a reliable APK website and download the latest version of VidMate, but not before enabling the “Unknown Sources” feature which can be found in the “Settings” menu.

APK updates are not rolled out through the Google Play Store and this is why VidMate fans need to enable the “Unknown Sources” so that their smartphones know that the APK is not a malicious file.

What’s New?

  • Software Optimization

The first thing that VidMate fans are going to notice after they install this latest APK update is that the app runs smoother than before. This is because VidMate’s developers have included a handful of software tweaks inside the new 3.5501 APK that optimize the app’s software and take its performance to the next level.

Therefore, VidMate fans who want to make sure that they can download online videos at max speed should make sure to get the new update as soon as possible.

  • Bug Fixes

Even though VidMate is a premium level app, some bugs still manage to pop up from time to time. However, VidMate fans have nothing to fear because the app’s developers are always checking the feedback they are receiving so that they can fix every known bug whenever they release a new APK update.

With that said, VidMate fans should be happy to know that the new APK takes care of some annoying bugs and that the app’s overall stability has been improved.

  • Share Videos to WhatsApp

The last thing we need to mention about the new VidMate APK update is the fact that it improves the way fans can share videos to WhatsApp. The developers didn’t go into too much detail in the patch notes and they only made the following note “Share videos to WhatsApp more easily. Improved the experience of WhatsApp Status Saver”. This might not be such a groundbreaking feature, but its still a nice improvement to the app.