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Xender Installation Guide for Android, iOS, Windows OS and macOS


Xender is a great app that makes it easier for everyone to share files between multiple smartphones. What makes Xender stand out from apps that offer similar features is the fact that Xender can be installed on multiple operating systems and thus, it makes it possible for users to share files with their friends or family members who might own smartphones that run on different operating systems. With that being said, today we want to show everyone how to install Xender on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

Android Installation Guide

We are going to kick things off with the Xender installation guide for Android powered smartphones. Since Xender is such a popular app, everyone can find it listed on the Google Play Store. Therefore, the first step that Android fans need to make is to head over to the app’s official Google Play Store page and then download it from there. We advise everyone to make sure that they have enough free space on their smartphones before downloading the app.

iOS Installation Guide

Just like Android fans had to head over to the app’s Google Play Store page, iPhone and iPad users are required to access Xender’s iTunes page. The only requirement to install Xender on an iOS powered device is to have a minimum firmware version number of iOS 8.0.

Windows PC/Mobile Installation Guide

Even though Xender is one of the most popular app available for Android and iOS fans, the app’s developers wanted to make sure that everyone can benefit from the features that Xender has to offer and they also created a Windows version of it. The Windows version of Xender can be installed on both PCs and on Windows powered smartphones.

MacOS Installation Guide

Installing Xender on a macOS is a bit trickier because users need to download an emulator. We advise everyone to try the BlueStacks app because the only thing that Macbook and iMac users need to do in order to download Xender is to simply search for it in the user interface of BlueStacks.