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Pocket Casts is Finally Out of Beta


Podcasts are taking over the world and there is no doubt about that. This is the “new-age” media and the longer format makes podcasts ideal for people who are simply looking for something to listen in the background while they are going on with their daily lives. What’s great about podcasts is the fact that they are not only entertaining, they are also informative and people can use them in order to learn valuable skills.

With that said, no one should be surprised to find out that more and more dedicated podcast apps are launching every month. The latest app is called Pocket Casts and it has now exited the beta stage. This means that Pocket Casts is available to download directly from the Google Play Store and also that it ships with a new design called “Material Theme” which was tested in the beta.

Pocket Casts is Now Out of Beta

As previously mentioned, Pocket Casts is now out of beta and everyone can download it on their Android powered smartphones from the Google Play Store. The app was stuck in beta for more than four months and the developers decided to let everyone know why the app took so long to launch by making the following statement:

“We also wanted to gather as much feedback as we could and make changes where required. We committed to leaving in it in beta until we ironed out all the known bugs and fixed usability issues”.

Highlight Features

Now that we presented Pocket Casts, let’s check out what are some of the app’s highlight features so that everyone can get an idea of what Pocket Casts has to offer. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

  • Powerful Playback;
  • MP3 Chapters;
  • Skip Playback;
  • Android Auto Mode;
  • Sleeper Time;
  • Chromecast;
  • Stream;
  • Variable speed;
  • Trim Silence.