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Xiaomi Set to Release Watch S2 and Smart Band 8 Globally

Credit: Xiaomi

The Watch S2 and Smart Band 8 are two new wearables that the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi plans to release worldwide in the near future. Both items have received regulatory approval from organizations in the MENA region and Southeast Asia, proving that they will soon be sold in markets outside of China.

The Watch S2 comes in two sizes and a wide range of colors in China. Despite the scarcity of details, mass manufacturing of the Smart Band 8 has reportedly begun, and Xiaomi has designated it as model number “M2239B1.” Both the Watch S2 and the Smart Band 8 have received official certification from relevant authorities, however the latter’s certification lacks any specifics.

Xiaomi has not yet said when it will distribute these wearables in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, or the rest of Asia; however, the timing of previous Xiaomi Smart Band releases indicates that the Smart Band 8 will be made available internationally somewhere around mid-spring.

Vivo’s X90 Pro+ Flaunts Top-Notch Hardware and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 System-on-Chip

Vivo’s new X90 Pro+ smartphone is just as groundbreaking as Xiaomi’s Mi 8. One of the first smartphones to ship with the brand-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC is the Vivo X90 Pro+. It’s a whole package that will be hard for future flagship smartphones to top, thanks to its great performance, powerful cameras, very brilliant LTPO display, and vast features.

Vivo introduced the X90 series of smartphones to the Chinese market in November of last year, with the X90 Pro+ serving as the series’ pinnacle model. The X90 series is presently solely accessible via import, however there are indications that this could change soon. As was the case the year before, the Pro+ model will not be made available in Europe.

As a result, both Xiaomi and Vivo are preparing to launch new wearables and smartphones, respectively, with cutting-edge features and characteristics that will appeal to tech aficionados throughout the globe. We eagerly await the worldwide rollout of these products and look forward to seeing what more these firms have in store.