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Yahoo Mail 6.2.2 Update – Check Out The Brand-New Navigation Bar!


Yahoo Mail is such a powerful app that everyone is ditching their native iOS or Android mail organizers in favor of Yahoo Mail. This is all thanks to the fact that Yahoo Mail is equipped with a plethora of useful features and also because it benefits from a constant stream of updates that are improving its software performances every other day. In fact, a new update which sports the 6.2.2 version number has just been released and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Yahoo Mail 6.2.2 Update

If you enjoy using Yahoo Mail, then you might want to keep your smartphone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network because a new update that is changing Yahoo Mail’s version number to 6.2.2 is now rolling out. Therefore, all Yahoo Mail users should keep an eye out for their notifications panel because the update should pop up any minute.

New Navigation Bar

Even though most updates that Yahoo Mail receives are equipped with bug fixes, this is not the case for the latest one. Instead of introducing bug fixes, the update comes with a brand-new navigation bar. This makes the latest update a major release, especially since the navigation bar makes it easier for users to find anything they want in record time.

In addition, the navigation bar is equipped with a “Joy Bar” and what this does is that it enables users to access all their folders and view along the bottom side of the app. To top it all off, the “Joy Bar” can be customized.

Other Features

  • Folders: tap the “Inbox” tab in the bottom navigation to switch between Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam, & your other folders;
  • Compose & Search have moved to the top right;
  • Account info: tap your profile icon on the top left to add, manage, or switch between your email accounts.