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YouTube Now Allows Creators Make Edits After A Video Was Posted

Credit: Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Mistakes are inevitable for everyone, but if you botch up a fact or flub a sentence in a video that you upload to YouTube, it might be difficult to repair the error. You have the option to make edits and reupload the video; however, doing so will result in the deletion of all comments and engagement metrics. You have the option of including a note in the video’s description or “pinning” a remark that contains the correction; however, it is possible that most viewers will not see either option.

Because of this, YouTube is launching a brand new tool dubbed “corrections,” which will make it easier for producers to make clear edits to their videos. After a video has been submitted, its authors have the ability to make edits, which will be shown in the form of infocards in the upper right-hand corner of the video at the appropriate timestamp. After then, users may enlarge the video’s correction notes by clicking on the card that appears in the video’s description.

Regrettably, the video itself is not going to be changed. Instead, the adjustments are made in the form of text, and a pop-up window appears in films to display the errors along with the appropriate time stamps. On one of its help pages, YouTube explained:

For corrections in your video, add “Correction:” or “Corrections:” then add the timestamp and explanation of your correction. This section should appear after any video chapters. When your audience watches your video, a View Corrections info card will appear.

Note: If the channel has any active strikes, or if the content may be inappropriate to some viewers, the corrections feature won’t be available.

Clearly, this is not a solution that meets all of the requirements exactly. It is still impossible for creators to make any changes to the content of their films without first removing the original version, then republishing it, which will result in a loss of engagement and, perhaps, cash. In spite of this, the recent changes that have been made to YouTube are an improvement that is really appreciated, and we are pleased to see them.