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YouTube Releases New Green Screen Feature For Shorts

Credit: YouTube

YouTube has rolled out a new tool for Shorts makers on the service. Users will be able to utilize movies from the site as backdrops for their Shorts thanks to a new feature dubbed “Green Screen.” A link to the original source video will be included in the Shorts player for every video generated using Green Screen, allowing your material to be found in new ways. Creators have the option to turn off the function in YouTube Studio if they don’t want their videos to be utilized by others.

How does the YouTube Green Screen function?

Users will be able to utilize a suitable YouTube video or Shorts as a backdrop when the capability is made available to them. It works in the same way as a green screen in that it allows you to change the backdrop of your films. Artificial intelligence as well as edge detection technologies are being used to imitate the effects of a green screen. The YouTube Green Screen tool allows users to create videos that include both audio and video, or only video.

Open a Short and touch on the ‘Create’ button next to ‘Share’ in order to utilize the new Green Screen functionality in the app. Start recording a new video over the green screen by selecting it from the list options. This function uses the smartphone’s image processing capabilities to remove the video creator’s original backdrop and replace it with the chosen video. 60 seconds is the maximum duration for the videos.

On May 11, the feature was announced for the first time. On the official help page, as noted. YouTube Green Screen is now available on iOS devices running the YouTube app. All iOS users should get it within the next several weeks according to Google’s statements. The capability will be available to Android users in the near future.