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YouTube Testing “1080p Premium” Video Quality Option with Enhanced Bitrate

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YouTube is reportedly testing a new video quality option called “1080p Premium” for mobile users. This new feature offers enhanced bitrate, which means that videos will experience less compression, resulting in better overall image quality. While the current 1080p option is the highest available for non-subscribers, it is still relatively compressed, and premium members often opt for the 4K resolution option, which requires a subscription and a heavier technical toll due to the video’s size. The term “premium” suggests that this new feature will also be locked behind a paywall, but it remains unclear whether it will require a subscription.

new CEO’s already making changes, ‘1080p Premium’ option appeared today
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This isn’t the first time YouTube has experimented with video quality options. Previously, the streaming service ran a short test with the 2160p (4K) option, which required users to become Premium members to use it. YouTube later restored access to 4K quality options without the need for a subscription. However, the test was seen as a warning sign that better features may be made available only to Premium subscribers in the future.

Despite the uncertainty, YouTube has been making an effort to improve the mobile experience of its app. Earlier this month, the streaming service introduced a new video player with a cleaner design and easier access to controls while watching a full-screened video. It remains to be seen whether the “1080p Premium” feature will be rolled out to all users, but for now, it’s an exciting development for those who value high-quality video content.

In conclusion, YouTube’s new video quality option, “1080p Premium,” is currently being tested for mobile users. This feature promises enhanced bitrate, which will improve overall image quality. While the term “premium” suggests a subscription-based service, it remains unclear whether this feature will require payment. However, YouTube’s recent efforts to improve the mobile app experience suggest that this new feature may be part of a broader push to enhance user engagement.