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Amazon Alexa Will Receive Skype Support


Amazon has struck gold when it designed the Echo home assistant. This is a bestselling device and it helps Amazon bring Alexa in the house of millions of people. Even though most customers were hesitant to buy an AI-powered home assistant at first, Alexa proved to be really useful and this boosted the sales of all Echo devices.

The cool thing about Alexa is the fact that Amazon keeps improving it through software updates and, in fact, Amazon has announced that Alexa will be able to perform Skype calls in the upcoming future.

Alexa is Introducing Skype Support

There already are lots of cool features that Alexa has to offer, but placing calls is not one of them. Luckily, this is about to change because Alexa is receiving support for Skype and this means that people who own Echo devices will finally be able to place calls via vocal commands.

How Will This Work?

To make things even better, Alexa will receive full integration for Skype and this means that people will be able to give commands such as “Alexa, call mom” and the AI will automatically place a call via the user’s smartphone. Not just that, but the Echo device can be used as a speaker and microphone.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime

This is great news for people who enjoy using Skype to place video and audio calls, but truth be told, not everyone is a fan of Skype. There are still many people who prefer to use other services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime instead of Skype as an example.

Therefore, the question that remains is if Alexa will also receive support for those apps as well. Let’s hope that Amazon does introduce more third-party communication apps because this will make it even easier for Echo device owners to talk with their friends and family members.