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Android 13 Allows Users to Customize Their App Icons Even More Due to a New Update

Credit: Pixabay

Google has released a new beta for Android 13 QPR2, and we have all the reasons to be excited, even though it’s available only for specific Pixel phones. Perhaps the most interesting new feature is represented by the possibility to create monochromatic app icons that are in accordance with the Material You theme on Pixel phones.

An Android expert spotted the new feature, stating:

“WOW! Google is testing letting you generate themed icons for ANY app, even if it doesn’t provide its own monochromatic icon! This is currently disabled by default and hidden behind the “ENABLE_FORCED_MONO_ICON” flag.”

Those who are willing to use the feature will have a bit of a struggle, and Google didn’t seem to have been willing to hide it. The feature will be disabled as soon as the update lands, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find.

If you’re a beta user, you’ll have to dig a bit through the phone’s settings. You must find and toggle ENABLE_FORCED_MONO_ICON. Once you do that, the magic will happen – all apps supporting the feature will embrace the monochrome design.

The QPR2 Beta 2 version has been made available for download through the Android Beta program, but only for specific models of Pixel phones. The eligible devices include the Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, 5a, the standard 6 model, 6 Pro, 6a, the standard 7 model, and the Pixel 7 Pro. If you own any of these devices, you can download the QPR2 Beta 2 from the Android Beta program.

Despite being released almost three years ago, the Google Pixel 4a is still a pretty reliable device for those looking for a budget device. It has a good camera, with a 12.2-megapixel main lens and a Night Sight feature that allows for low-light photography. The device also has a solid battery life and runs on a clean version of Android, which means it receives software updates quickly. Additionally, it has a relatively fast processor and a 5.81-inch OLED display.