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Millions of Emails and Passwords Have Been Leaked Again


The last year was filled with data breaches that leaked the email addresses and other types of private information of millions of people Facebook leading the way in data scandals. However, it doesn’t look like 2019 is going to be a safe year because the reliable security researcher Troy Hunt has reported today that another massive data leak that contains 773 million unique email IDs and other 21 million unique passwords have been leaked.

Millions of Emails and Passwords Have Been Leaked

The security researcher reported that 12,000 files which measure in at 87GB that have been leaked and that all of them are hosted on MEGA. All the files were removed from the MEGA hosting platform and they can now be found on a popular hacking forum, but Troy Hunt didn’t want to reveal the forum’s name.

Although, the security researcher did say that the forum features a “collection of 2000+ dehashed databases and Combos (combinations of email addresses and passwords) stored by topic”.

Has Your Email Been Hacked?

Considering the fact that more than 773 million emails have been hacked, you might be wondering if your email was compromised as well. Fortunately, you can check out this information by accessing this website. In case your email does pop up as hacked, then we advise you to change your password as soon possible, especially if you use the same password for different accounts.

Troy Hunt made the following statement about the website mentioned above where you can check to see if your email has been hacked: “As of now, all 21,222,975 passwords from Collection #1 have been added to Pwned Passwords bringing the total number of unique values in the list to 551,509,767”.

Nonetheless, we are lucky that the security researcher found out about this issue and decided to report it. Otherwise, we would’ve never known if our emails and passwords are used by someone else.