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Anno 1800 is getting a new DLC focused on the New World


Change is coming to Anno 1800 as Ubisoft Blue Byte sets out to launch the third and ultimate DLC of its season 4 pass next week. Called “New World Rising,” the DLC will be available on December 8. And avid fans of the iconic management franchise can expect some pretty extensive overhaul of their New World islands.

Alongside the Old World, the Latin American-inspired New World is one of two base playable regions in Anno 1800. And although the first leg of the game’s season 4 pass brought a whole-new hacienda mechanic to the region, the New World had been mostly left untouched since the game’s original release in 2019. Yet the tides are turning with the upcoming “New World Rising” add-on.

The DLC was announced earlier this year. Yet few details were disclosed until Ubisoft put out a teaser in September, which hinted at a new population tier and a grand monument exclusive to the New World. Developers later held a live stream in mid-November to showcase the contents of the game’s twelfth DLC in depth.

As previously advertised, the DLC will make room for an extra population tier called “Artistas,” unlocked once the Obrero population reaches 1,000 in one particular city. This new generation of poets and musicians with refined taste comes with new production chains, including goods like ice cream, mezcal, and footballs. Artistas also require new buildings to fill out their entertainment needs, from a cinema to a Samba school.

Much to fans’ pressing demand, DLC 12 is bringing electricity to the New World as well. While residents won’t need their homes electrified, power plants will boost productivity for all adjacent factories in similar fashion to the Old World. Yet region-exclusive mechanics will allow pastures to gain bonus goods once supplied with electricity. And the DLC’s new trade-centric scenario will be a fun incentive to channel this economic boom.

Additionally, New World Rising is introducing a range of new buildings and monuments to the region. Gamers may dot their coastline with Beach Houses and beautify them with ornaments like ice-cream parlors and lifeguard towers. Soccer fans may join in on the fun all the same with a Grand Stadium. Three events on the pitch reward players with extra Influence. And soccer lovers might even catch a simulated game in real-time, in between real-life World Cup 2022 fixtures, perhaps.

Last but not least, this upcoming DLC will expand the map with 7 new small and medium islands on top of 3 brand-new large islands. Players might also settle on an extensive landmass up north to build up their New World capital, blending industrial areas with fancy monuments and laid-back beach modules.

With these New World features coming in December, Ubisoft wraps up a fruitful year for its flagship city-building strategy game. Indeed, 2022 saw the release of three DLCs. The first season pass paved the way for more downloadable content in 2019 with packs like The Passage, introducing an Arctic environment. Eight more mainline DLCs followed suit, from the Tourist Season to the new African region of the Land of Lions.

Ubisoft also released cosmetic packs over the years, allowing players to redecorate their islands throughout the seasons and add new ornaments to liven up their cities. The so-called Vibrant Cities Pack even introduced new skins for base buildings, turning workers’ houses into colourful brick abodes and engineer residences into neon-lit casinos.

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Better yet, an additional Old Town Cosmetic Pack is coming on December 8, too. So, Anno fans will have more than enough on their plate to keep them busy for weeks on end. Meanwhile, players might snatch some Twitch Drops watching their favorite streamers dive into Anno 1800 between December 2 and 18.